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Tyan Thunder n6550EX (S4992)


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Tyan Thunder n6550EX (S4992) Picture 12951Tyan Thunder n6550EX (S4992) Picture 12952Tyan Thunder n6550EX (S4992) Picture 12953Tyan Thunder n6550EX (S4992) Picture 12954
Model: Tyan S4992

Socket  Quad Socket F
CPU Compatibility  Opteron 8000-series
Form Factor  SSI
Chipset Manufacturer  nVidia
Chipset  NPF3600 + NPF3050
Front Side Bus  HyperTransport
Network Connectivity  Gigabit Networking
Cooling System  Heatsink
Memory Support
Type  DDR2 ECC
Maximum Speed  667 MHz
Number of Slots  32
Maximum Size per Slot  4 GB
Maximum Amount Supported  128 GB
Onboard Video
Chipset Manufacturer  XGI
Processor Type  Z9S
Maximum Shared Memory  32 MB
VGA  1
External Connections
USB 2.0  2
PS/2 Keyboard  Yes
PS/2 Mouse  Yes
LAN (RJ45)  3
Serial (COM) Port  1
Internal Connections
USB 2.0  2 (providing 4 ports)
Expansion Slots
Slot 1  PCI Express x16
Slot 2  PCI Express x8
Slot 3  PCI Express x16
Slot 4  PCI-X 133 MHz
Slot 5  PCI-X 133 MHz
Slot 6  PCI Express x8
Additional Information
RAID Support  0/1/5/10
Height  406 mm (16.0 in)
Width  330 mm (13.0 in)

Internal Connections
SATA2: 6

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