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Tyan Tiger K8W S2875ANRF


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Form Factor  ATX/2x Socket 940
Chipset  AMD-8151 + AMD-8111

Memory Type: DDR400/333/266
Max CPU: 2x Opteron 200-Series
Max Memory: 8 GB
Memory Slots: 4
AGP: 8x
# PCI: 5
Onboard Items: Audio/Gb LAN/SATA/1394/USB2.0
Hard Drive Support: SATA/ATA 133

Based on the AMD Opteron , the Tiger K8W (S2875) suits all your workstation needs while saving on overall costs in an ATX form factor. The platform has high-productivity features all-around: Serial ATA (SATA) with RAID to enable large capacity storage media, an AGP 8X/4X slot to support the fastest graphics accelerators, Gigabit Ethernet for efficient network connectivity, and six-channel audio to generate full and crisp sound. The ATX form factor allows for flexibility in choosing components such as chassis enclosures and power supplies of which the end result becomes highly-effective cost savings.

with the Tyan Tiger K8W S2875ANRF.