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VMWare vSphere 6.0 Hypervisor

Operating System

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VMware vSphere is an industry-leading virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructure. VMware makes the most basic version of this software available for free, in order to allow everyone to experience the basic benefits of virtualization. For more advanced usage, their vSphere platform is available in a huge array of options and licensing levels.
William George (Product Development)
William George (Product Development) Says:
Please note that for proper operation vSphere requires full hardware support of virtualization. For Intel platforms, this means VT-x and VT-d support from both the CPU and motherboard - and many mainstream boards don't include that functionality. If you have any questions about support for vSphere on our systems, please contact our sales department.

Note: Currently installing version 6.7 as of 08/01/19

Model: VMware ESXi6.0

Minimum Specifications
HDD Free Space  10 GB

Virtualize even the most resource-intensive applications with peace of mind. VMware vSphere Hypervisor is based on VMware ESXi, the hypervisor architecture that sets the industry standard for reliability and performance.

Configure a custom computer with the VMWare vSphere 6.0 Hypervisor.