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Antec Neopower 480W ATX2.0 PCI-E

Power Supply

Antec Neopower 480W ATX2.0 PCI-E Picture 4479Antec Neopower 480W ATX2.0 PCI-E Picture 4480Antec Neopower 480W ATX2.0 PCI-E Picture 4481Antec Neopower 480W ATX2.0 PCI-E Picture 4482Antec Neopower 480W ATX2.0 PCI-E Picture 4483Antec Neopower 480W ATX2.0 PCI-E Picture 4484Antec Neopower 480W ATX2.0 PCI-E Picture 4485Antec Neopower 480W ATX2.0 PCI-E Picture 4486
Model: Antec NEOPOWER 480

  • ATX12V v2.0 compliance reduces power consumption by up to 25%, saving you money on your electricity bill
  • Universal input automatically accepts line voltages from 100V to 240V AC
  • Active PFC delivers environmentally-friendlier power
  • Dual +12V rails provide plenty of juice for even the most power-hungry systems
  • Includes special power connector for PCI Express graphic cards
  • Dedicated circuits for each voltage output allow NeoPower to overcome combined-output limitations
  • Voltage-feedback circuitry improves system stability by delivering extremely accurate power
  • Temperature-response system ensures blissfully quiet operation, by varying fan speed in response to load and conditions
  • Dedicated Fan-Only connectors allow NeoPower to control case fan speeds, thereby further reducing system noise
  • Over-temp and over-current protection, provide maximum reliability
  • 120mm fan delivers whisper-quiet cooling
  • Gold-plated connectors for superior conductivity

Switches: ATX Logic on-off Additional power rocker switch
Maximum Power: 480W
Transient Response: +5V,+12V and 3.3V outputs return to within 3% in less than 1ms for 20% load change.
P. G. Signal: 100-500ms
Over Voltage Protection recycle AC to reset: +5V trip point < +6.2V +3.3V trip point < +4.1V +12V trip point < +14.3V
Special Connectors: ATX12V 3-pin Fan Sensor Fan Only SATA PCI Express Aux Power (Optional)
Leakage Current: <3.5mA @ 115VAC

Output (+5V; +12V1; +12V2; +3.3V; -12V; +5Vsb)
Max. Load: 38A; 18A; 15A; 30A; 1.0A; 2.0A
Min. Load: 0.3A; 0.4A; 0.4A; 0.3A; 0A; 0A
Load Reg.: +/-3%; +/-3%; +/-3%; +/-3%; +/-5%; +/-5%
Ripple m(p-p): 50; 120; 120; 50; 120; 50

Input Voltage: 100Vac to 240Vac +/- 10%
Input Frequency Range: 47Hz to 63Hz
Inrush Current: 60A @ 115V , 100A @ 230V
Input Current: 12A @ 115V, 6A @ 230V
Hold-up Time: 20ms at full load
Peak Efficiency: 70%(min.) at full and typical loads, 115V/230Vac 60/50Hz 60% (min) at light load

Operating Temp.: 10* C to 50* C
Operating Alt.: Sea Level-10,000 ft
MTBF: 80,000 hours at 25* C
Safety Approval: TÃœV, UL, CUL, CE, CB, FCC

Weights (lb)
Net: 5
Gross: 6
Master Pack: 38
Pallet: 1368 (not including pallet)

Dimensions (H" x D" x W")
Product: 3.4 x 5.5 x 5.9
Packaging: 8.3 x 4 x 9.8
Master Pack: 9 x 13 x 21
Pallet: 54 x 42 x 39 (not including pallet)

Serious Power. For Serious Users.
We've earned a stellar reputation for producing stable, reliable, industrial-grade PC power supplies. Install NeoPower in your own system, and youll understand why. You see, NeoPower packs an impressive array of featuresan advanced cable-management system, full ATX12V v2.0 compliance, native support for top end PCI Express Graphics cards, unparalleled power efficiency, universal power input and much morethat allow it to deliver 480 Watts of supremely stable, reassuringly reliable, and virtually silent power.


AQ3 3-year Warranty

with the Antec Neopower 480W ATX2.0 PCI-E.