Dual Power Supply 2050W (1300W + 750W)

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Dual Power Supply 2050W (1300W + 750W) Main Picture

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This pair of power supplies is ideal for running extremely high wattage configurations, like quad video cards, in chassis which have mounting for both standard ATX and smaller SFX power supplies. The specific models used here are the Super Flower SF-1300F14XG and Corsair SF750, for a combined capacity of 2050W. Using this setup requires two outlets to plug into, and to ensure proper operation they should either be on separate 15 amp circuits or combined on a 20 amp circuit.


Maximum Power 2050 W
Molex 7
Floppy 1
PCIe 8-Pin 6
PCIe 5.0 16-Pin 1
CPU Power 8/4 pin 3
External Connector Type C13
Voltage 100-240 Vac