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OCZ PC2-5400 Platinum EB DC 2x1024MB


OCZ PC2-5400 Platinum EB DC 2x1024MB Picture 5950
Memory Type  DDR2

Memory Size: 2048 MB
CAS Latency: 4 T
Manufacturer: OCZ
Number of Sticks: 2
Clock Rate: 667 MHz
Clock Label: PC2-5400

OCZ Platinum PC2-5400 marks a milestone in the world of high speed DDR2. These high performance modules offer lower latencies than standard DDR2-667; with speeds up to 667MHz at 4-2-2 timings, PC2-5400 EB delivers incredible performance and stability. OCZ DDR2-667 Platinum is built with the proprietary Enhanced Bandwidth Technology feature to provide intelligent bandwidth management by offering the lowest possible page access times while reducing the strain on the DRAM I/O logic by allowing relaxed CAS latencies that are hidden behind burst outputs of data. The result is unsurpassed effective data bandwidth to allow maximizing system performance without compromising stability.

Each OCZ PC2-5400 EB Dual Channel Kit is hand tested as a matched pair across a wide variety of motherboards. In addition, OCZ DDR2-667 EB offers integrated platinum mirrored copper heatspreaders for efficient heat dissipation, a lifetime warranty, toll-free technical support and the exclusive EVP (Extended Voltage Protection) coverage.

Manufactured to OCZ's rigid standards for quality and performance, the 667MHz DDR2 Enhanced Bandwidth Platinum Edition is the fastest DDR2 available today!

with the OCZ PC2-5400 Platinum EB DC 2x1024MB.