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Windows 10 Privacy and Security Tweaks

Software: Courtesy Install

Using a software tool from O&O Software, we apply all recommended setting changes for privacy and security in Windows 10.
Developer: O&O

Using a software tool from O&O Software, we apply all recommended setting changes for privacy and security in Windows 10.

Password reveal button disabled
User steps recorder disabled
Telemetry disabled (sharing of error reports)

Sharing app and writing data disabled
Sharing of handwriting error reports disabled
Inventory collector disabled
Camera in logon screen disabled
Advertising ID and info reset and disabled
Transmission of typing information disabled
Disable conducting experiments with this machine by Microsoft
Advertisements via Bluetooth disabled

App Privacy
App access to user account information disabled
Windows tracking of app starts disabled
App access to diagnostic information disabled

Web Browser Microsoft Edge
Disable tracking in the web
Disable page prediction
Disable search and website suggestions
Automatic completion of web addresses in address bar disabled

Synchronization of Windows settings
Disable synchronization of all settings
Disable synchronization of design setting
Disable synchronization of browser settings
Disable synchronization of credentials (passwords)
Disable synchronization of language settings
Disable synchronization of accessibility settings
Disable synchronization of advanced Windows settings

Cortana (Personal Assistant)
Cortana reset and disabled
Input personalization disabled
Cortana and search are disallowed to use location
Web search from Windows Desktop Search disabled
Display web results in Search disabled
Download and updates to speech recognition and speech synthesis models disabled

Location services
Functionality to locate the system disabled
Scripting functionality to locate the system disabled

User Behavior
Application telemetry disabled
Diagnostic data from customizing user experiences disabled

Windows update
Windows Update via peer-to-peer disabled

Lock screen
Disable Windows spotlight
Disable fun facts, tips, tricks and more on your lock screen

Feedback reminders disabled
Extension of Windows 10 search with Bing disabled
Disable automatic installation of recommended Windows store apps
Disable tips, tricks and suggestions while using Windows
Disable occasionally showing app suggestions in Start menu

Configure a custom computer with the Windows 10 Privacy and Security Tweaks.