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Corsair H1500 USB 7.1 Headset


Corsair H1500 USB 7.1 Headset Picture 36739Corsair H1500 USB 7.1 Headset Picture 36740Corsair H1500 USB 7.1 Headset Picture 36741Corsair H1500 USB 7.1 Headset Picture 36742Corsair H1500 USB 7.1 Headset Picture 36743
The Corsair H1500 headset is a comfortable and powerful audio system. It fits easily over the ears, helping to block out other sounds, and the quality of the audio - both for listening and recording - is excellent. The boom mic has a noise-canceling feature, and for playback it supports Dolby 7.1 multi-channel audio.

Because it connects via USB, this completely bypasses a computer's internal sound card. If these are what you plan to use for audio, and you won't have a bigger set of speakers in addition, then there is no point to spending money on a sound card.
Jon Bach (President)
Jon Bach (President) Says:
I use a very similar set to this one myself at the office. The sound is great, and the microphone does a good job without picking up a lot of movement or background noise. They are comfortable to wear all day. They are also enormous.
Model: Corsair CA-9011128-NA

Powered by oversized 50mm neodymium drivers, the Corsair Gaming H1500 USB Headset wraps relentless audio in comfort and style with microfiber-cushioned memory foam earpads.

Genuine Dolby 7.1 surround delivers lethally accurate positional audio and immersive, cinematic sound.

Take command and be heard loud and clear with the advanced unidirectional noise-cancelling microphone.

Configure a custom computer with the Corsair H1500 USB 7.1 Headset.