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Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive

VR is coming and now is your chance to give it a try! At our booth we have both an Oculus Rift and an HTC Vive so you can compare the two headsets in a head to head matchup.




Ultra Widescreen Gaming

Is your monitor not big enough? Need more horizontal space to get the most out of your games (or work I suppose)? Drop by our booth and see you you like the Asus PG348Q 34-inch Ultra-wide curved monitor powered by two GTX 1080s in SLI. Not only does it have a huge resolution of 3440 x 1440, it also supports NVIDIA G-SYNC with up to a 100Hz refresh rate.




Puget Hardware Giveaway

As a high-end PC builder, we're constantly accumulating PC hardware that we bring in to test, or that companies send us to evaluate. We can't use it all, and we want it to go to a good home! Come by our booth to get a raffle code then head over to the raffle page to select what hardware you want to win.

In addition to our raffle, we also have hundreds of fans that are free for the taking. We often replace the fans that come with cases and heatsinks with ultra high-quality fans so we have a large number of great fans that we can't use. Rather than throw them away, we like to bring them to PDXLAN for you to use! Whether you want to upgrade the cooling in your PC, hold on to them for a future build, or want to build a hovercraft, feel free to take a handful. 3-pin fans, 4-pin fans, green fans, blue fans, red fans - take your pick! Need 120mm fans? we got 'em! 140mm? Got those too!

What services are we providing?


thermal imaging camera


Check your PC Cooling

We have a nice handheld thermal camera, and want to put it to good use at PDXLAN! Programs like CoreTemp and GPU-Z are great for monitoring your CPU or GPU temperatures, but what about everything else in your system? RAM, voltage regulators, hard drives, and all the other chips on the motherboard are often overlooked. A thermal camera can find any hotspots quickly and easily. Drop by our booth to work out a time when we can come to your seat, take some thermal image shots, give you advice, and post them here for you to download!




FREE PC Diagnostics

It sucks when your PC is having problems, especially at an event like PDXLAN. To help out, we are offering free PC diagnostic services to help get your PC up and running as quickly as possible. If it turns out you have some defective hardware, we will loan you a replacement for the duration of PDXLAN free of charge! If you win some great hardware in a give-away, bring it by and we'll install it while you relax! Or if you simply didn't have time to get your systems cleaned up and looking perfect before PDXLAN...sure, bring it by! We'll take care of it.


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FREE Loaner Items

Did you forget something in your rush to get to PDXLAN? We also have a bunch of spare items to loan out -- come by and grab what you need!

We have: Keyboards, mice, power cords, ethernet cables, DVI cables, HDMI cables, DisplayPort cables, mousepads, and power strips. We have a handful of other things too, so when in doubt, come ask. We usually pack up after the main raffle, so we would appreciate getting all loaner items back before then so that we can have them on hand for the next PDXLAN.