Pricing Comparison

How Do Our Prices Compare?

Whether you are a corporate entity, or a home user, the decision to purchase a custom built computer requires research and knowledge. Not only do you need the best value, but you need a computer that will handle the tasks you set before it with speed and stability. With the great number of computer vendors that exist today, and with the advertising techniques used by each, these decisions can be quite complicated, if not impossible to make with any certainty! It is the goal of this page to give you the knowledge you need to make accurate comparisons to make sure you get a great deal!

Other Companies - Misleading Advertising

Since the day we were founded, it has been the goal of Puget Custom Computers to take away the hype when it comes to selling computers. Our approach is straight-forward and honest. Watch out, not all companies play by those rules! Widely used advertising techniques in use today involve using stripped down custom built computer systems and price as a selling point. That is a game that Puget Custom Computer does not play! You will see no "starting at" pricing. We do not tack a build fee or handling fee on at the end of the sale process. We do not force you to jump through rebate hoops, or purchase part combinations to get special deals. Even though this goes against the trend, we stand behind our approach, simply becuase it is the right thing to do.

Comparisons -- Apples and Oranges?

Pricing is not the only issue you should be keeping in mind. When comparing us to a competitor, take a look at the quality of their custom built computer systems, and at the quality of ours. Do they have quality components, or do they use the cheapest parts available? Do they even tell you what brand parts they're quoting? Many companies do not hesitate to use very cheap, no brand computer parts! These are the questions that must be asked in the purchase of any computer system. These points are simply not an issue with Puget Custom Computer. We use only name brand parts, and we only use parts that we would feel comfortable putting in our own computer systems!

Customer Satisfaction

It should not come as a surprise that the big guys like Dell and Gateway can sometimes beat our pricing, mainly in the low end sector. With the quantity of computers they move, they simply get better pricing on their parts. However, if it were just about hardware price, you'd be building a system yourself! It comes down to service and support. Wherever you buy from, check out the consumer reports! Places like are a great resource! Compare our 99% satisfaction rating to Dell's 38% rating, or Gateway's appalling 20% satisfaction record!!!

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Make an informed decision

We encourage you to check out, in detail, the computer systems of our competitors. Sooner or later, you will be hit with the real price for what you need, and at that point, you will see that Puget Custom Computer offers custom built computers of better quality for a better price! We encourge your feeback! Send an email anytime to the owner, Jon Bach, at !