Quiet? What do you mean?

When we talk with people about quiet computers, many don't understand what we mean right off the bat. However, when they think about that constant hum that comes from their desktop, the desire to have more peace and quiet is quite attractive. Puget Systems has become an industry leader in the design of quiet computer systems and has even been able to get certain high performance configurations to operate under the level of human hearing limits!

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Why do computers make sound?

Modern computer hardware uses a lot of electricity, and that puts off a lot of heat. A good amount of airflow is needed to keep things cool. If one does not focuses on cooling, or tries to minimize cost by using cheaper components, then a powerful system can end up running very loud. Small fans have to run quickly to cool hot components, generating a lot of noise, and leading to early failure of the fan. Without attention to detail, fans may be blowing where there are unneeded, and may be inadequate where they *are* needed.

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Setting the Framework

Puget Systems specializes in building extremely quiet computers! We pay careful attention to selecting quality components that can withstand higher temperatures as well as parts which make the least amount of noise while still providing adequate cooling. High power effeciency is a must. We then select a chassis that is made of sturdy materials (no thin, rattling aluminum) and has good airflow. We add quiet aftermarket fans and acoustic dampening material, and the framework for a low-noise computer has been laid. In select cases we are even able to move fan locations, and block off unused vents to reduce the places where sound waves can exit the system.

Finishing Out The Selections

Populating this quiet setup with quiet hard disks (whether the silent and fast solid-state drives or more traditional hard disks) is a must, and a power supply with a large, slow-moving fan keeps with the overall quiet focus. A quiet fan on the CPU heatsink is critical as well, and modern motherboards allow for controlling the speed of that fan based on how hot the processor is. Sometimes we even custom program BIOS options for extremely low-speed and low-noise operation that are tuned specifically for each system.

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