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Case Study with Corridor Digital

Rendering Dual GPU Main Picture

Almost all GPU-based rendering engines are able to utilize multiple video cards to decrease render times, but not everyone needs (or has the budget for) the absolute fastest rendering machine with four GPUs. While physically small, this compact workstation is still able to fit two full-sized video cards which can provide a significant performance advantage over single GPU systems. The exact advantage varies based on the rendering engine used, but using two video cards can be anywhere from 50% faster to twice as fast as using just a single GPU!

While the GPU is the most critical factor when using a GPU-based rendering engine, the CPU options on this system are able to operate at up to 4.0GHz when only using a single core. This means that even though you will be getting terrific rendering performance, this system will also work well extremely well when working in 3D modeling applications such as 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D, Inventor, or SOLIDWORKS.

System Core

Many 3D Design applications only officially support NVIDIA Quadro cards, although if maximum performance is required a GeForce card can often be used.
Accelerator video cards provide additional performance when using GPU-based rendering engines such as V-Ray RT, Octane Render, Iray, Furryball RT, Redshift, etc.


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