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Premiere Pro Standard Main Picture

No matter the type of footage you work with (1080p/4K/6K, H.264/CineForm/ProRes/RED, etc), this system is ideal for Premiere Pro. Where you used to need a dual Xeon workstation for maximum performance, the latest Intel processors with up to 18 cores combined with an NVIDIA video card to take advantage of the GPU accelerated features in Premiere Pro makes dual Xeon workstations a thing of the past. In fact, not only are they no longer necessary, in most cases they would actually be slower than a system with a single CPU.

Alongside the powerful Intel processor and NVIDIA GPU, this system is also capable of a wide range of storage options (including NVMe, SSD, and platter drives) and up to 128GB of RAM for the situations where high RAM capacity is necessary.

If you are not sure which hardware choice is right for you we recommend reading through the Recommended Hardware section. And as always, don't hesitate to contact one of our technology consultants if you require assistance or a hardware configuration that is not covered by our recommended systems.

System Core

Quadro (or a dedicated Decklink card) is required for 30-bit color (RGB) / 10-bit displays


SSD for OS and software
SSD for project files, scratch, & media cache
Optional storage drive or dedicated SSD for scratch files & media cache

Case / Cooling




Software / Preferences

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