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Customer Testimonials & Case Studies

DTE Energy

"This is the first computer that has never given me a blue screen, and I've never had a serious failure. And, that's unusual."

- Kevin Airgid, Senior Motion and Visual Designer for DTE Energy

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"Both [Puget Systems] workstations had zero downtime or hiccups during the rendering process and stayed cool even under extreme use - days of 100% CPU usage at a time."

- Ryan Thomas, VP of Content and Co-Founder of SubVRsive

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Josh Johnson & VFX Daily

"Footage I'm cutting has been edited without the slowdown I experienced with my previous machine, freeing me to accomplish more throughout my workflow."

- Josh Johnson, Owner of VFX Daily

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Montana State Athletics

“Since receiving my Puget Systems’ computer, my workflow and production have both improved”

- Garrett Becker, Director of Video & Creative Services at MSU Athletics

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Corridor Digital

"Puget Systems was able to build me a machine specifically tailored to my working needs. They made the process easy and streamlined so that I could remain focused on the creating side instead of stressing about the tools I needed to do the job."

- Wren at Corridor Digital

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Spot MPG Moves to PC

"We’re now able to easily use this 4K footage. We can do full workflow, like you’re suppose to be able to, with color grading and everything and it just chugs right through it all. It has sped up our whole process."

- Spot MPG

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