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Recommended Systems for Adobe Photoshop


Frank Field Photography's Digital Darkroom

"I started my search looking at the major vendors. I was surprised at the inflexibility the offered. I found largely fixed configurations with limited options to customize. I found a few systems that came close to meeting my needs. But all came up short of my needs. I was delighted to find Puget Systems. The website has a trove of useful information (e.g. on the performance needs of applications like Lightroom and Photoshop). The compact Serenity desktop system’s physical size is perfect for my work-space. The machine is whisper quiet. I was able to configure a machine that fully met my needs today while allowing for all the future growth. The machine was professionally assembled, packaged and arrived in pristine condition."

- Frank Field of Frank Field Photography

Vomund Photography

"When my PC arrived from Puget Systems I was blown away...everything was of such a high quality, from the packaging to the build of the computer.  And when I fired it up it was silent.  And I mean more silent than I ever thought possible.  My office was suddenly missing that familiar “hum” of fan units, which is something I don’t miss! When I’m on a tight deadline for delivery I need everything to work, with no surprises.  I want the hardest thing for a PC company to deliver; a custom built machine that is fully tested like a packaged machine would be.  Puget Systems offered to me the solution closest to this."

- Rob Vomund of Vomund Photography