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The majority of 3D design tasks (including creating, modifying, and animating 3D models) are only able to utilize a single CPU core. That makes a high frequency CPU - regardless of the core count - an ideal choice for these tasks. Because of this, our design & animation workstation comes standard with an Intel Core i9 9900K CPU capable of speeds of up to 5.0GHz. It still packs eight cores, though, so it is also much faster at rendering when needed than previous Intel processors in its price range.

Since there is no need for a hotter, higher core count CPU, we are able to fit this system into a chassis that is only 4.2 inches wide so it can easily fit on most desks or even tucked behind your monitor. Unlike many other compact workstations, this system is still able to utilize a full-sized video card to give you the smoothest viewport experience possible.

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Many 3D Design applications only officially support NVIDIA Quadro cards, although in some instances (primarily game development and GPU rendering) a GeForce card may be desired.


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