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Rendering Optimized Configuration for Autodesk Revit


If you need increased rendering performance, this system will reduce the time it takes to render a scene whether you are working directly from Revit or exporting your models to 3ds Max for more advanced visualization.

The rendering engine built into Revit, like many other CPU-based renderers, responds extremely well to having a CPU with a lot of cores. To provide the best performance, then, our Rendering Optimized system uses AMD's Threadripper processors with 24 to 64 cores. This highly parallel design allows them to complete renders several times faster than a more mainstream processor.

While this system is terrific for rendering, it does sacrifice a little bit of general-usage Revit performance in trade. Compared to our Modeling & Design system, this workstation will be about 10-20% slower in most other Revit tasks. If rendering is a large part of your workload, though, this PC will end up saving time in the long run.

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System Core

Most engineering and architecture applications only officially support NVIDIA Quadro cards due to their higher reliability and more stable drivers. However, in some specific situations (VR visualization in particular) a GeForce card may be a better fit depending on how the system is used.


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Note: Offered for your convenience. No technical support.

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To make sure that this is the best hardware for your work, we would like to hear about you, your work, and how we can make it better!

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Currently ships in 2-3 weeks