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Recommended Systems for Autodesk VRED

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If you need the best ray tracing or rendering performance possible in a single workstation, look no further than our dual Xeon workstation with two Intel Xeon E5 V4 processors. Rendering and ray tracing is highly effective at utilizing a larger number of CPU cores, and with anywhere from 20 to 44 cores this workstation should be able to complete large renders roughly 2-3 times faster than our single CPU system.

While this system does allow for dual video cards and can be used for VR, be aware that no matter what configuration options you choose, this workstation will not be as fast for OpenGL rendering performance in the viewport as our other VRED workstation.

This system is based on our Genesis II certified system only with the non-relevant components removed includes all of the features that come with that system including free 1-year Next Business Day Onsite Service + 24hr Help Desk.

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Autodesk only officially support NVIDIA Quadro cards due to their higher reliability and more stable drivers. However, in some specific situations a GeForce card may be a better fit depending on how the system is used.


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