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Recommended Systems for Bitplane Imaris


Puget Systems' Customers Using Imaris


Scott Holley
The Holley Lab
Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Yale University

The Holley Lab uses Imaris and a Puget Systems workstation for visualization and analysis of large 4D image datasets of zebrafish body elongation and segmentation. Puget Systems offered the high-end components that the lab needed for cell tracking, manual editing of the tracks and subsequent analysis of the tracking data.


Anita Disney
The Disney Lab
Department of Psychology
Vanderbilt University


In the Disney Lab we use custom code, written with Imaris XT, running on a Puget Systems workstation for quantification of neurons across the mammalian cortex, and identification of the suite of signaling proteins those neurons express (with a focus on the neuromodulatory systems: cholinergic, noradrenergic, metabotropoc glutamatergic). We chose Puget for their fast delivery of highly customizable, powerful, and affordable machines - offering us the computing power we need for large batch processing of multiple image files. We also use Puget workstations (running Ubuntu) for stimulus presentation and data recording in all of electrophysiological and electrochemical recording rigs.