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For those who record and edit videos, in addition to live streaming, this system features AMD's Ryzen processors with up to 16 cores. A more powerful system like this can also better handle combining multiple input sources in real-time, and the larger tower it is built in allows for adding your own capture cards as well. This set of features makes it ideally suited to use in houses of worship, corporate meeting spaces, or large event venues where multiple cameras are installed. We offer a selection of optional HDMI and SDI capture cards, but you may need to add your own hardware depending on the number and type of cameras you use.

For connectivity, this system has 12 USB ports (including two USB Type C) as well as wired and wireless networking. Internally there are multiple bays for drives and PCI-Express slots for capture cards, but please work with one of our sales consultants to ensure that any hardware you plan to install in the system will integrate properly.

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System Core

This system can fit 2 expansion cards, alongside the video card, to provide additional I/O or networking capabilities


Case / Cooling


Playback of DVDs and/or Blu-ray discs requires selection of a matching optical drive in addition to this software


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Note: Offered for your convenience. No technical support.

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