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Quad GPU Configuration for OTOY OctaneRender


If you are looking for the fastest render times in OctaneRender, look no further than our Quad GPU workstation. By utilizing up to four video cards, this system is able to power through renders many times faster than a standard workstation. In fact, since OctaneRender scales almost perfectly with multiple cards this system should be at least four times faster than a single GPU workstation.

While the GPUs are the most critical factor when using Octane, the CPU in this configuration also features relatively high single-core clock speeds. This means that along with terrific GPU rendering performance, this system will also work well with modeling and animation in Maya, 3ds Max, and Cinema 4D.

System Core

Accelerator video cards provide additional performance when using OctaneRender


Case / Cooling



Software / Preferences

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Typically ships in 2 weeks