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While most CAD/CAM tasks do not need a CPU with a high number of cores, if your work includes lots of rendering you can see an increase in performance by using a CPU with more physical cores. Due to this, our Rendering workstation utilizes Intel's Core X desktop processors with 10 to 18 CPU cores. This high number of cores allows you to complete renders much faster than our other workstations. Some types of simulation can also benefit from these higher core count CPUs, but generally not as much as rendering.

Just because this system is terrific for simulations and rendering, that doesn't mean it isn't also great for general CAD work. All of the CPU options on this system are able to Turbo to speeds up to 4.8GHz which makes this system a great compromise when you need excellent multi-threaded performance, but also need the system to perform well when working with even large assemblies.

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