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Customer Testimonials & Case Studies


"You need the thing to run fast ... I know if I needed [Puget Systems], I would be attended to properly and promptly."

- Matt McKendrick, Director of Engineering for Safariland

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Johnson Health Tech.

"The computer I ordered is the exact same build I put together personally, outside of the company. Love the configuration! So far it's been a workhorse for rendering and simulation."

- Clayton Krause at Johnson Health Tech

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Factor 10

"Most companies are all about flash. Black web site, techie things. Puget's design was clean, to the point. You could tell [the Puget consultant] was interested in selling the right system. He was very sincere, very genuine."

- Luke at Factor 10

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"It was important that this would do the job out of the box without any drama. Puget's great sales and support helped me choose the right system to handle the workload, with reliable hardware to minimize downtime."

- Jenna at Verrix

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Power Mechanical, Inc.

"I chose Puget Systems because they have a reputation as the best in the business. The Puget customers I spoke with were serious people who needed serious solutions and were beyond satisfied with their machines. That was enough for me."

- Nick Reuter at Power Mechanical, Inc.

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SPU Falcon Racing Baja SAE Team

"The ability to follow the order in real-time and watch them build and test it step by step inspires confidence that Puget Systems takes great pride in their work and they have incredible attention to every detail of the process."

- Hunter McSwain at SPU Falcon Racing

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