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Recommended Systems for SOLIDWORKS Visualize

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If you are looking for the fastest possible render times in Visualize, look no further than our Quad GPU workstation. By utilizing up to four video cards, this system is able to power through renders many times faster than a standard workstation.

While the GPU is the most critical factor when using a GPU-based rendering engine, the CPU options on this system are able to operate at up to 4.0GHz when only using a single core. This means that even though you will be getting terrific rendering performance, this system will also work well when working with even large assemblies in SOLIDWORKS.

System Core

Visualize can utilize either a Quadro or GeForce as a primary display device, but if you will also be running SOLIDWORKS we highly recommend using a Quadro video card.
Accelerator video cards provide additional performance in Visualize. Note that only the GTX 1070 and Titan X (not the GTX 1080) make sense from a purely price-to-performance standpoint. If you wish to use multiple Quadro cards, please contact us for special quoting.


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