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Recommended Systems for Stock Trading


Performance in Compact Size


  • Latest Intel Xeon E3 CPU
  • Supports up to 64GB of ECC RAM
  • NVIDIA Quadro video card
  • Up to eight 4K monitor support
  • Standard 3 year warranty

Reliable Trading PC

The trading of stocks, futures, options and crypto-currencies over the internet is becoming a more and more popular pursuit (either as a full-time job or as a hobby/extra source of income). Because of the nature of the shifting markets, Traders need a responsive system that can display a lot of information at once. That puts the needs of a dedicated trading workstation in a bit of a different category from most other types of computers. There is no need for 3D performance, like would be used for gaming, nor is there a need for the massive hard drive storage that would be found on a media editing workstation. Instead, we see Traders looking for a computer that is extremely responsive when looking up data and making trades, that has support for multiple monitors, and is as reliable as possible.

This system will work great for Bloomberg, ThinkorSwim, E*Trade, TradeKing, TradeStation, InteractiveBrokers, MetaStocks, and a variety of other trading programs and usage.


Multi-Monitor Stand

Connect-sPuget System recommends purchasing your multi-monitor stands from Ergomart, a company based in Dallas, TX, that specializes in improving safety, comfort, and productivity in the workplace through a variety of products and solutions, with emphasis on custom and off-the-shelf mounting and positioning systems for computers and other technical equipment. 

Their Connect-S multi-monitor desktop stand is a reliable, configurable, and scalable system designed to fit a large number of applications. The efficient, modular design allows starting with something as small as a two monitor configuration and gradually expanding to include more monitors, while maintaining visual coherence and maximally re-using the original parts. The components easily connect together to create Dual, Triple, Quad, 2-over-2, 3-over-3, and 4-over-4 monitor configurations.


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