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At Puget Systems, we want to provide the best product and experience as we can. This means that we do not use pre-packaged server systems, but instead build our own rackmount and tower servers. This allows us to design, test and optimize our own configurations from the ground up. The result is our Summit line of servers. You tell us what you need, and we'll go to work building you the best computer server customized specifically for you.

Puget Obsidian



Payments starting at $73/month

Our most reliable hardware for an entry level server in a tower form factor.

Summit Server

Summit Server


Payments starting at $168/month

A powerful and flexible line of servers.

Summit Storage

Summit Storage


Payments starting at $87/month

A full line of servers for high volume storage.

Puget Peak 1U

Peak 1U


Payments starting at $191/month

A powerful, enterprise-class 1U rackmount server with Intel Xeon processors and up to 4 NVIDIA Tesla or GPU cards.

Puget Peak 4U

Peak 4U


Payments starting at $344/month

A powerful, enterprise-class 4U rackmount server with dual Intel Xeon processors and up to 8 NVIDIA Tesla or GPU cards.

Custom Built Server

Custom Built Server


Payments starting at $79/month

Our full configuration page for custom server computers.

Component Selection

The Five-Nines in 99.999% uptime doesn't happen on accident. We know the hard work and planning you do to provide end users with a trouble free experience. Let us help you succeed. The Summit series was created with you in mind. We know you don't have all day to swap out failed components troubleshoot, and babysit your systems. That's why we qualify every component that goes into the Summit series.

We value choice, but not at the sacrifice of quality. Rest assured that no matter what configuration you select, the components will be of the highest quality on the market, right down to the production run.

Quality Build

All our research, testing and component selection would be for nothing if we didn't treat the actual assembly of our systems as a craft.

A craft you say? Yep. Each system is hand-crafted by a single technician. You won't find a single assembly line or build quota at Puget Systems.

Throwing these carefully selected pieces in to the case without thinking about how it will be used, serviced, shipped, moved and stored would be, well, a terrible idea. We want to be a place where our products aren't just admired for their benchmarks. We want them to be admired for the simple sophistication, inside and out.

Every system must pass over 100 quality checks during the build process and, after a thorough burn-in process, a complete quality control check. All of this, virtually before your eyes, with our up to-the-second checklist display available right in the My Account area.


Transparency is one of our core values here at Puget Systems and nowhere is that more apparent than in our openness in distributing well researched and vetted hardware articles.

Puget Labs was created to crack down on the marketing hype that, frankly, we despise.

Part of our mission is the creation and dissemination of reliable information about products in the market. This information is what we use to determine our own product offerings, so we need them to be frank and reliable. Some might think this would be good information to hide; not so here at Puget Systems. We believe in informing and conversing with our customers about the products we offer and the market in general. What can we do to help you cut through the hype?

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How Our Process Works


Customize your own server from scratch. You're choosing from the best, because we only sell products we recommend and stand behind.


Let us save you money! Work with our experts to find the best choices for your needs and your budget, to give you the best bang for your buck.


Place your order on our secure website. Buy a server with complete confidence from our reviews and testimonials.


Follow your order in real-time through our extensive checklist, and receive a tracking number by email. Most orders ship in 10-14 business days.