Spirit Background
Spirit PC
A general purpose desktop with incredible upgrade potential.
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Introducing the Spirit Computer

At Puget Systems we build everything from home desktops to cutting edge workstations, and we have applied our expertise to designing an ideal general purpose computer for home, office, or school.

This PC is ideal for home, office or even gaming, and is powered by Intel's latest processors, and features a specially chosen lineup of power supply, memory, hard drives, and cooling accessories -- all selected for their low field-tested failure rates and configured in a sturdy chassis. This also makes it ideal for students who carry a heavy course load, and need a PC they can rely on.

Spirit inside view

Configuration Details

Our goal with our Spirit PC is to provide an entry level general purpose PC, without sacrificing quality, reliability, or upgrade ability. We're excited to be able to offer this unique combination! We have specifically configured this system with a motherboard and power supply capable of running even high end video card configurations. With the ability to run the latest CPUs, support lots of memory, and with huge expansion room for adding hard drives, there is no shortage in upgrade potential with computer.

Why not use a laptop?

While laptops are a popular choice among many people these days, they are often not the best choice. Laptops tend to cost more than desktops for the same level of performance, and while they can be taken to class they are also much easier to lose or have stolen. A desktop can also be upgraded to improve performance with games and other more demanding tasks. It can be as simple as adding a good video card, though more memory or a faster processor may also be worthwhile. A well-built desktop computer can accommodate such upgrades!

 Benefits of Puget Systems Spirit PCs 

Reliable ComputersHighly Reliable Product Line
All components in our product line are reviewed weekly. Any trends in failure rates are acted upon immediately, leaving us with a highly reliable product line that continues to improve. We do not add a part to our product line unless we feel we can stand behind it. This results in a high quality PC, that works as it should. You can feel confident that any selection you make on our website is a quality product.
Fast DeliveryFast Build Times
By keeping inventory of our most popular parts, and maintaining a short supply line to parts we need, we are able to offer an industry leading ship time of 5-7 business days on nearly all our system orders.
Free ConsultingWe're Here, Give Us a Call!
We make sure our representatives are as accessible as possible, by phone and email. At Puget Systems, you can actually talk to a real person! We understand that personal service must be a priority for small businesses on the web. We are happy to provide as much help as you need, with no obligation to order. We understand that the best way to have satisfied customers is to help them make informed decisions before they buy!
Comprehensive WarrantyLifetime Support/Labor Warranty
When you buy a PC from Puget Systems, we are here to help you for life. Even when your parts warranty expires, we continue to answer your questions and even fix your computer with no labor costs.
No BloatwareCompletely Clean OS Installation (no added software)
No one appreciates a PC preloaded with trial software, advertisements, and promotional offerings. Not only is it annoying, but it can even slow down your computer! Our competitors do this for the supplemental income, but Puget Systems refuses to offer anything except a clean install.
Updated OSLatest Drivers, Patches and Service Packs Applied
For best security and performance, it is important that each PC ships with the newest software and drivers available. We give personal attention to each PC before it ships, making sure it is updated.
Clean AssemblyMeticulous Assembly and Cable Routing Standards
Assembly techniques, especially cable routing, is an art. Our experienced system builders give great effort to assembling your system with care. We want you to be very happy with what you see if you open the side of your case. Check out our featured systems to see examples of our work!
Thermal Imaging of your PCInnovative Thermal Imaging
Our thermal imaging process allows us to identify and correct any hot spots in your system, making your system cooler and quieter, leading to a longer lifespan. We take thermal images of each desktop computer we ship, and make them available to you!
BIOS ScreenshotsBIOS Screenshots
For most desktop builds we provide screenshots of every BIOS screen, as documentation of your BIOS settings. We feel it is important to keep a record of all settings we used, just in case! This also allows you a convenient record of our settings, in case you decide you make changes and can't remember your original settings.
Extensive Testing105 Point Quality Control Checklist
When you're shipping as many computers a day as Puget Systems, it can be challenging to make sure nothing is overlooked when you have so many things that you want to give personal attention. To ensure nothing gets missed, we have a comprehensive checklist to step our techs through the process. Each check point records the exact time and name of the technician.
Sturdy PackagingSafe Packing Materials
Shipping damage is one of the biggest problems in the computer industry. Using specially made packing materials, our computers receive excellent shipping protection, far exceeding UPS and FedEx recommendations, as well as our competitors!
Quality Burn InBurn-In Process
Your PC is fully tested prior to delivery. All hardware and software components are tested under heavy load to ensure reliability in the harshest conditions!
Free Recovery DiskSystem Restore DVD
In addition to receiving your full operating system disks, we also provide a system restore DVD, allowing you to quickly wipe your hard drive and restore your operating system to exactly the way it was when you first received your PC! We include this service with our Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 PCs (except where prevented by an especially exotic configuration).