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In the first edition of our Puget Systems Customer Spotlight Program, we are pleased to showcase the work of Skyline. They are a full service exhibit manufacturer. If you have ever been to a trade show, chances are that you've seen their work. They're professional, highly creative, and excellent at what they do, so when their Pacific Northwest office approached us about building their next CAD system, we were excited to take on the challenge!

Their work ranges from small banner stands to huge, multi-level exhibit spaces. From the expansive frames to the huge artwork files to the tiny screws that hold it all together together, every piece of the exhibit needs to be accounted for in their designs. With the full use of computer aided design, they are able to keep track of each tiny part and piece them together into something that can really grab your attention.

"Recently, we decided it would be better for us to look for a source that could build a CAD station to keep us at the front of the technology and take some of the pressure off of our department to have to keep up with our own machines."

To process that much data, they can't afford to have slow, unstable computers. Like all businesses, they have deadlines and clients that need their jobs done quickly. Computer down time is simply not acceptable.

For their needs, the Puget Genesis is a perfect fit. Boasting incredible performance and rock-solid stability, the Genesis has helped them to stay on the task of creating their incredible products and not on waiting for their computer to catch up.

"We're really excited about the performance of the computer that we have right now from Puget Systems and we are also excited about not having to maintain our own hardware."

The stability comes from Puget Systems' relentless pursuit of the most reliable parts available. Unlike other system builders that use cheap parts to maximize profits, we only use reputable, tested brands and high quality components in all of our systems.

We also run every computer we build through full thermal imaging testing. This allows us to see specific information about any potential problems that might arise in the future and fix them before you ever see your computer.

For more info on our solutions for CAD, graphic design, and post-production editing, check out the Puget Genesis and discover the performance that you've been missing in your office.

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