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Puget Systems Acrylic Enclosure for NVIDIA Jetson TX1
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Puget Systems Acrylic Enclosure for NVIDIA Jetson TX1

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Manufacturer Description
Model: Puget Systems JetsonTX1_Enclosure

Includes mount points for a single 2.5inch 7mm hard drive on the top of the chassis using a SATA power/data extension cable.

Included components:
Bottom acrylic panel
Top acrylic panel
4x .25 inch #6-32 standoffs (for under the Jetson TX1 board)
4x 1.125 inch #6-32 standoffs (for on top of the Jetson TX1 board)
4x Thin acrylic spacer (between Jetson TX1 board and 1.25 inch standoffs)
4x .375 inch #6-32 screws (for securing the top panel to the 1.25 inch standoffs)
1x Acrylic SSD spacer
4x 12mm M3x0.5 screws (for mounting an SSD)
1x 12inch SATA power/data extension cable
4x .5 inch rubber feet

If you wish to stack multiple kits together, we have also included:
4x Thick acrylic spacers
4x .75 inch #6-32 socket cap screws
1x 7/64 inch hex key

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