PNY Quadro M2000 PCI-E 4GB

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The NVIDIA Quadro M2000 is a mid-range, Maxwell-based professional graphics card. It represents a small upgrade from the previous K2200 model, with speed increases of around 5-15% in most areas. A wide range of standards are also supported by this card: DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5, CUDA 5.0, and OpenCL (to name a few).

In addition to solid performance for professional 3D applications, the Quadro M2000 also supports more monitors than previous generations. It can run up to four screens at the same time, all via DisplayPort outputs, which support up to 4K resolution. HDMI or DVI monitors can be connected through adapters, available for purchase separately, but when using such adapters the maximum resolution is reduced substantially.
William George (Customer Service)
William George (Customer Service) Says:
This is a great mid-range Quadro card, which is ideal for applications which need a "professional grade" video card but don't require cutting-edge 3D performance. It also supports 10-bit color, so it is a great choice for Photoshop users with high-end, 10-bit capable monitors. If you don't fall into one of those categories, though, a GeForce card around the same price will give more raw 3D performance in most situations.
Jeff Stubbers (Mr. Customer Service)
Jeff Stubbers (Mr. Customer Service) Says:
This is a great choice if you are looking for a mid-range 30-bit graphics card for most accurate colors when pairing with a 10-bit monitor. The manufacturer lists this card as supporting up to 4096x2160 resolution @ 60Hz with each of its (4) DisplayPort 1.2 outputs.
Model: PNY VCQM2000-PB

Chipset Manufacturer  NVIDIA
Product Line  Quadro
Motherboard Connection  PCI Express 3.0 x16
Maximum DVI Resolution  2560x1600
Maximum DisplayPort Resolution  4096x2160
Maximum Monitors Supported  4
HDCP Compliant  Yes
GPU Specifications
Stream Processors  768
Memory Specifications
Video Memory  4GB
Memory Type  GDDR5
Memory Bus Width  128-bit
Bandwidth  106 GB/s
Single Precision Floating Point (Peak)  1.8 Tflops
Additional Information
Cooling System  Small Fan and Heatsink
DirectX Support  DirectX 12
CUDA Support  5.0
OpenGL Support  4.5
Port 1  DisplayPort
Port 2  DisplayPort
Port 3  DisplayPort
Port 4  DisplayPort
Power Connectors
Plug 1  None
Length  167.6 mm (6.6 in)
Height  111.15 mm (4.4 in)

The Quadro M2000 delivers an incredible creative experience across a broad range of professional 3D applications. This advanced graphics board features an NVIDIA Maxwell-based GPU, 4 GB of ultra-fast on-board memory and the power to drive four 4K displays natively. This makes it an excellent choice for accelerating product development and content creation workflows that demand fluid interactivity with complex models and scenes. Creative professionals can tap into this increased performance - as well as hardware HEVC encode and decode engines-to accelerate both creation and playback of HEVC content.

Designed and built specifically for professional workstations, NVIDIA Quadro GPUs power more than 100 professional applications across a broad range of industries including manufacturing, media and entertainment, sciences, and energy. Professionals trust them to realize their most ambitious visions- whether its product design, visualization and simulation, or spectacular visual storytelling-and get results to market faster.

Configure a small form factor PC with the PNY Quadro M2000 PCI-E 4GB.