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Take a minute to watch this video about what sets us apart, and what makes Puget Systems the best choice for your next custom PC.

Buy a workstation, and get it shipped within 10-14 business days.

Our company is 100% in the USA

We design and build high end custom computers.

  • When I called to order I talked with William for about 30 minutes and he had me fixed up with exactly the computer I needed.
    - JohnGo
  • Excellent customer service: I loved seeing the postings of my computer's progress.
    - J.B. Henry
  • After getting fed up trying to shoe-horn my desires into a Dell, I turned to Puget Computers and was won over by Jon Bach's personal attention and extensive knowledge.
    - Bob Ingrassia
  • My new computer is completely free of excess programs, trial versions, and other stuff that slowed down my big box store computer. My new computer is fast, and I control what's on it! I'm very happy with it!
    - Tim Higgs
  • You pay for quality with Puget.
    - Albert
  • After receiving my computer in its custom built shipping box they have everything neatly labeled and in a binder containing backup cds and your computers specs and diagnostics, a separate box containing all additional cords, cables, and misc hardware
    - Anonymous
  • Excellent response to questions before buying. Computer customized exactly how I wanted it. Good prices
    - Patrick Layne
  • The experience is pretty mundane because you just get back to work. There is no fighting with the computer at all; it just works how you would expect.
    - Ethel Hart-Gibson
  • I can't see ever needing to build my own computer, or purchase from a big faceless vendor again. Buying from Puget Systems was the best experience I've had buying a PC.
    - Tim Walker
  • Transparent sales journey and excellent customer service. And the system is rad.
    - Sam Katzman
  • You will find the staff not only knowledgeable, but keenly interested in efficiently tailoring a system for you, without trying to sell you anything superfluous.
    - rebecca erickson
  • Puget Systems exceeded my expectations.
    - Dave Freitag
  • my last build has been so solid and remarkably hassle free these past 3.8 years
    - Socalgal
  • I recommend them wholeheartedly
    - Daniel Miller
  • My custom configured laptop came not only with the "Concise User's Guide" but also a loose leaf binder full of benchmarks for my rig, tips on setting up the rig, importing data from the old computer and even a thumb drive for recovery.
    - Peter Moore
  • A great deal, and a company I would shop with again.
    - Michael Stone
  • They do a phenomenal job of documentation.
    - Tekzilla
  • My new computer is very fast. Puget responded to my question about some pre-wired cables immediately. So far I am very satisfied and think Puget will remain in business for years to come.
    - Lewis Shumway
  • My suggestion to anyone out there, is to trust in these people.
    - Lonny Toman
  • The customer representatives and technicians were very responsive, answered all my questions quickly, knowledgeably and honestly, and then got to work and built me a blazing fast (and very quiet) workstation.
    - Anonymous
  • I was completely impressed with the computer when it arrived. From packaging, to aesthetics, to the almost artful configuration of the components. The setup and performance of the machine has been outstanding.
    - Chris Chamberlain
  • The staff at Puget is extraordinary. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and patient.
    - David Smith
  • There is no comparison between the prior machines and level of service
    - Karl W.
  • Jeff S. was wonderful! He was not condescending as many techies can be and carefully explained all the subtle nuances of my technical needs in easy to understand English.
    - Anonymous
  • Great computer, fast service. Well packaged.
    - Mary Irby

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