Workstations for Photogrammetry & GIS

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Workstations for Photogrammetry & GIS

Create 3D models from photographs with ease using our powerful, high-performance systems. Get your work done faster and more accurately.

At Puget Systems, we understand that photogrammetry requires powerful computers to handle the intricate processing and data analysis required in the field. We are committed to providing high-performance workstations optimized for photogrammetry applications, ensuring that you have the right hardware to meet the unique demands of your industry. Our expert team has tested and validated several of the industry’s most popular programs, ensuring they run properly and that our computers are optimized for processing both large and small image sets quickly. Information about performance in this type of software is rarely available online, so we share the data we have gathered freely. Our consultants have also researched the needs of geographic information system (GIS) software, giving you the assurance that our hardware can handle your complex projects easily. Let us help you take your industry-specific projects to new heights with a hassle-free, enjoyable experience.

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Photogrammetry Workstations for Professionals Who Need Powerful Processing Capabilities

At Puget Systems, we utilize a combination of our own benchmark testing, feedback from industry professionals, and the expertise of our consulting team to create high-performance workstations for photogrammetry applications.

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Select Your Software

Select the software you primarily use. If you don’t see your application listed below or have questions about what type of computer your specific photogrammetry projects demand, our expert consultants can provide individualized guidance or a quote for a custom photogrammetry workstation.

Why Choose Puget Systems?

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Built Specifically for You

Rather than getting a generic workstation, our systems are designed around your unique workflow and are optimized for the work you do every day.

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We’re Here, Give Us a Call!

We make sure our representatives are as accessible as possible, by phone and email. At Puget Systems, you can actually talk to a real person!

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Fast Build Times

By keeping inventory of our most popular parts, and maintaining a short supply line to parts we need, we are able to offer an industry-leading ship time.

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Lifetime Labor & Tech Support

Even when your parts warranty expires, we continue to answer your questions and even fix your computer with no labor costs.
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Talk to an Expert

Looking for the perfect workstation computer for photogrammetry or GIS? Look no further than Puget Systems. We specialize in building custom workstations tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We understand that finding the right computer can be challenging, which is why we offer personalized consultations with our expert, non-commissioned sales team. They will work with you every step of the way to configure a computer that meets your specific requirements, whether you have already saved a quote on our website or need guidance through that process. There is no cost or obligation, and we promise a no-pressure experience. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality, purpose-built workstation PC that can handle your GIS and photogrammetry needs, start a conversation with us today using the method below that works best for you.


If you’d rather not wait, you can reach out to us via phone during our business hours.

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