Highly Reliable Product Line

Highly Reliable Product Line

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We make reliability one of our highest goals here at Puget Systems. Not only are failed parts costly for us to replace, but they are also very frustrating for you! That hurts our reputation, which is even more costly than the part replacement. To make sure we are minimizing component failures, one of the biggest things we can do is make sure our entire product line is high quality and not prone to failure.

All components in our product line are reviewed weekly. Any trends in failure rates are acted upon immediately, leaving us with a highly reliable product line that continues to improve. We make sure we do not add a part to our product line unless we feel we can stand behind it. This results in a high quality product, that works as it should. You can feel confident that any selection you make on our website is a quality product.

Real Sample of Data We Use

As an example, here is a sample real data taken from our records in March 2021:

Part (Brand & Model)SoldFailedFailure Rate
Failure rate of motherboards using the B550 chipset from September 2020 to March 2021

Acting on this data, we quickly pivoted our Micro ATX AMD Ryzen based workstations from using the MSI MAG B550M MORTAR motherboard to the ASUS TUF B550M-PLUS model. Granted, we hadn’t sold as many of the ASUS yet – but having almost 6% of the MSI boards fail during assembly (none of them were field failures) was enough to raise a red flag for us, especially compared with the much lower failure rate of the larger GIGABYTE B550 VISION D. We already had the ASUS qualified as a backup, too, so the transition was simple and should result in more reliable systems for our customers. The solutions aren’t always as simple as this, and there are often more variables to consider, but this is a great example of how these records give us hard data on how to continually improve.

Unlike big box computer manufacturers, we’re small enough to react quickly to any changes that we see in reliability. Our size allows us to be much more nimble, and we qualify multiple product line options, so that we can pivot easily when the need arises. We feel strongly that Puget Systems is in the perfect position: we are large enough to keep good statistical data while also agile enough to act on it quickly. That is a rare ability!

Read what our customers have to say about our highly reliable product line!

David Hanes
Gold Beach, Oregon

Wow! What a pleasure

I found out about PUGET SYSTEMS while researching a replacement for my 13-year-old DELL desktop, which was no longer meeting my needs. Puget Systems is very highly recommended and the products they offer have excellent component and configuration options. I contacted Puget Systems and spoke a number of times with Account Manager Braden Sime, who offered spot-on advice and recommendations. I ordered a Photoshop Plus system with components to optimize Photoshop, my primary tool.

I am extremely pleased with Puget Systems build time and quality. The new desktop was delivered in just over two weeks, and WOW!, what a pleasure it is to quickly open 20 to 50 GB Photoshop files, and then experience no lag when drawing on the Wacom – huge difference! A big thank you to everyone at Puget Systems.

Brian Travis

I feel sorry for these guys

I’ve built plenty of my own systems over the years. But now I’m on my third Puget Systems build. Lemme tell you, they do it better than I ever could. From the pre-sales to the pre-shipping, all the pictures and benchmarks. Total top-notch company and product.

But I feel sorry for them because my system is running so well (over six years now) that I don’t feel like I need another one and won’t for some time.

So, sorry guys. If you’d just build shoddy products like everyone else, I’d have to come back more often for new builds.

But when it’s time, you know where I’m gonna go.

Eric Xanderson

Great deal

Love the detailed testing, feedback, pictures, heat/thermal imagining. Very easy to order and spec out.

Only needed to change the regional time to local, and ready to go.

Mary Bailey

Puget Systems is the BEST!

I have purchased three computers from Puget Systems going back to 2016. They are unmatched in helping you design a platform that will fit your needs. I needed help creating a system I could use for Photoshop processing and graphic design using a Cintiq monitor. My consultant reviewed the specs of the graphics card with me to make sure I would have the correct fit for my hardware. I especially like the status updates provided as they go through the process of the build. Such thorough detail! Wonderful experience from start to finish!

David Novak

Update: Third time not a charm

As a follow up to my critical comments below in “Third time not a charm”, to their credit Puget Systems offered to rebuild my system to my satisfaction. Although I decided to keep the system as-is, this illustrates their total commitment to customer satisfaction.

David Novak

Third time not a charm

This was my third system from Puget, but my third time is definitely NOT a charm. They sent me a motherboard that must be removed to replace the CMOS battery. It’s an ASUS ProArt Z790-Creator WiFi, but I wonder what idiot/moron/imbecile/lamebrain came up with this design. I found this online post about the ProArt Z790 from a person who builds his own water cooled computers: “Stay clear of motherboards where it takes two hours to replace a CMOS battery. I had to do this today. The CMOS of the Proart requires mobo removal and removal of the IO board shield in order to unplug the CMOS battery, and then no shop has such a battery. I ended up cutting off the wires and soldering them onto a new 3V battery designed with solder lugs. See attached (photo) what the rubbish looks like.” Guess I should have done my homework before ordering, but trusted Puget to include decent components in their builds. Their own tech support person described the battery replacement as “sad”. Their reply to my complaint was “If the CMOS battery does need to be replaced within the lifetime of the system, we can swap it out for you in our repair shop.” Which means: (1) the hassle of packing it up and getting it to UPS or FedEx (2) the inconvenience of having no computer for probably 2 weeks (3) the shipping expense of $242 round trip. When the battery died in my old system, I spent a few bucks at Walgreens for a new battery and had it replaced in 5 minutes. What a joke!

Travis Axton
Louisville, KY

Customer for life…

The customer service and build quality are second to none.

Macullen Nadurak

First ever gaming PC

This is my first ever proper gaming PC setup and it works like an absolute dream; I love it so much.


I’ve purchased 5 systems

I’ve purchased 5 systems from Puget over the last few years. Outstanding quality, support, and excellent product lines.

James Bayonne

Outrageously awesome

Outrageously awesome crew here at Puget System, they’ve come through for this old disabled veteran for years with my machines!

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