Dual EPYC 9004 Workstation

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Dual EPYC 9004 Workstation

This full-tower system features a pair of AMD’s EPYC 9004 processors, each equipped with up to 96 cores and support for twelve DDR5 memory channels.


This workstation utilizes two of AMD’s EPYC 9004 processors to offer up to 192 cores and 1.5TB of DDR5 across twenty-four memory channels. That takes up a massive amount of space on the motherboard, so the Fractal Design Define 7 XL full-tower chassis is needed to fit it all. It also provides USB and audio ports along the top front edge, while the motherboard’s rear I/O panel provides a couple more USB ports, dual 10Gb Ethernet, and connections for remote management. Please note that this server-class board does not offer any audio connectivity or WiFi! There are also plenty of fans to keep things cool, but in order to dissipate all of the heat from these CPUs this system does run a bit louder than our other tower workstations.

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System Core

Memory in this system will run at up to 4800MHz


Chassis & Cooling

This system uses powerful Noctua iPPC fans for improved airflow at the cost of additional noise.


Also available with Windows Server 2022. Please contact us for licensing costs.


Gigabyte TPM (CTM010)   Available in April [add $72.50]
A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is required to install Windows 11 on this system.

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