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  1. an overwhelming flood of water; inundation

  2. our performance-tuned overclockable gaming PC
Now offering Intel X99 and Haswell-E on Deluge XL
Why choose a Puget Deluge?
  • Easy configuration
  • Better reliability
  • Faster build times
  • Improved shipping safety

The Puget Systems Deluge line of computers is built for gaming. This variant, the Deluge Mini, offers liquid-cooling for the CPU (hence the name ‘Deluge’) which provides the added cooling needed for us to overclock the processor upon request. It also features high-performance video card options, while fitting all these capabilities in a small Antec Mini P180 chassis. It is a great way to pack a lot of gaming performance into a PC without taking up a lot of space.

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Puget Deluge Mini Picture 24185
Puget Deluge Mini Picture 24186
Puget Deluge Mini Picture 24187
Puget Deluge Mini Picture 24188

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