Sound Card Information

As with video cards, the method by which you should choose your sound card should involve consideration of the purpose of your machine. In addition to that, look at the sort of speaker setup you plan to use and make sure that whatever you decide to go with will have the correct type and number of connections for your situation.

If you only need basic sound output for music, games, and the like then the audio capabilities built into the motherboard will likely be just fine. Many motherboards also include digital audio output and/or analog surround sound. If you need a higher audio quality, some specific feature not supported by your motherboard, or if you plan to do recording onto the computer then a dedicated sound card is probably a better choice. We have a range of options covering everything from gaming to home theater to recording, and if you are unsure which will best meet your needs feel free to ask us.

 Onboard Sound
Slot TypeOnboard
Channel OutputVaries Channels
Analog InputVaries
Digital OutputVaries
Digital InputVaries
Front-panel ConnectionVaries
EAX SupportVaries