Case Study with TRINDGROUP

Puget Systems Helps TRINDGROUP Move From Mac To PC


TRINDGROUP utilizes their team’s vast knowledge of communication and visual strategy to unite business to business industrial and manufacturing markets with target audiences through public relations, marketing and creative design.

TRINDGROUP was formed when Kevin Smith, Andy Smith and Jessie King joined forces to help businesses achieve their respective goals as industry partners, rather than consultants only. TRINDGROUP’s engineered approach is to unite B2B industrial and manufacturing markets with their target audiences and audience sub-segments. TRINDGROUP partners with your organization to enhance client communication and messaging channels through public relations, content and digital marketing and creative design and production.


Tools of the Trade

To assist their clients, Kevin at TRINDGROUP uses various programs such as Cinema 4D, OctaneRender, and Arnold among others in providing client focused solutions to reach their business specific goals, through print, web, video and motion graphics.


"I needed to run Octane and have quick render times, so I knew that based on price and system I needed to switch to a PC."

Prior to purchasing from Puget Systems, TRINDGROUP had been using Apple Mac systems for 15 years. As they began to work on more complex motion graphic projects for clients, they needed quicker and more powerful systems. Research for the best systems brought about the very reluctant realization they needed to make a shift in approach on their main workstation. 

My current mac platform was fast, but only fast in certain areas and quick rendering times was not within my systems wheelhouse. I ultimately realized I could save hours by switching to the right type of machine for the work I was doing. 

Puget Systems Solutions


To provide great performance for Cinema 4D with boosted performance for OctaneRender, our technology consultants found that our Recommended System for OTOY OctaneRender would be an excellent fit for TRINDGROUP, and was happy to walk them through the best options for their needs.

With their new solution from Puget Systems, TRINDGROUP are now able to get their work done more quickly without their system being a hindrance. This allowed them to provide creative solutions that approach customer problems from all angles.

"I’ll confess that I didn’t know exactly what I needed and I didn’t feel like I needed to. I knew that if I could talk with someone that was interested in helping me solve a problem and not try to "sell me” then I knew I could work with them. I did my homework on what I needed, talked with folks on the phone about that, and they gave me a solution. I wasn’t interested in learning how to build my own PC, I just needed someone that could answer my questions, recommend a system, and get me working faster."

Why Puget Systems?

After purchasing from another PC builder, and having lack of communication from them, Kevin began to regret not choosing Puget Systems.

"I was pulled in by other major companies' hype. I originally purchased the same spec’d machine from a competitor and after weeks, yes weeks of no contact. I began to feel concerned. I couldn’t get any information on my new $10K system. Two months went by and still no work [to build my new system], no phone calls would connect…"

What attracted Kevin to Puget Systems was the ability to contact a technology consultant who knew the right hardware for the task, provided excellent customer service, and could provide delivery in a timely manner.

"…After talking to the folks at Puget Systems I was told they could get me the same machine faster, cheaper and with good customer service. I was sold. I’m about 6 months using the system and it has been great. 

My bullet points:

  • Great Customer Service
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Puget Systems delivered what they promised on time
  • Great buying experience. 

When buying a custom machine with similar parts as other companies, the top 4 mean everything. "

Are your needs similar to those of Kevin and TRINDGROUP? If so, we can build a system for you too! Check out the solutions-oriented systems we provide, or contact our consulting staff to discuss your specific needs and uses.

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