Packing Materials

Packing Materials

When you’re ordering your computer to be shipped across the country, something that should be carefully considered is how to ensure it is delivered safely. Especially when going long distances, the bumps and jolts of shipping can be quite destructive!

Boxes That Matter

In an effort to provide the most reliable shipping possible, we have always used the best quality packing materials. However, with all the different sizes of computer we sell, a single solution is impossible to implement. As a result, we’ve invested in dedicated packaging solutions for all of our cases. In doing so, we have been able to select stronger outer boxes to help systems survive the rigors of the road.

No More Peanuts

A major milestone for us was developing a better solution than the packing peanuts we depending on when Puget Systems began. Foam peanuts can do a good job with small items or when no custom solution exists, but they tend to shift around during transit – potentially reducing their effectiveness – and leave a mess to clean up after unboxing.

Working closely with shipping industry experts, we developed our “foam corners” solution. The high-density foam we use provides cushion during small bumps, but has high elasticity, and will always retain its shape. We even tested the resilience by repeatedly dropping a 1,000lb pallet onto it!

Fractal Design Define 7 with Inner Foam Padding
Fractal Design Define 7 in OEM Box
Fractal Design Define 7 Box with Outer Foam Corners
Puget Systems Outer Shipping Box

The end result is a computer that’s securely padded on all 6 sides, without a chance of the packaging “shaking loose” or “settling”. This means safer computer shipments, and less hassle for our customers. As an added bonus, you don’t have to vacuum up any Styrofoam peanuts after you get your computer either.

It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

We do our best to pack the computer safely, as you can see above, but what about securing components inside the computer itself? We start by using cases that hold components – especially drives – in place well, but we don’t stop there. When there are heavy components that need additional stability, like large CPU heatsinks and dedicated video cards, we can use a variety of techniques to help hold them securely in place during shipping. These range from Instapak foam that expands to fit the empty space inside a computer chassis to custom-cut acrylic braces:

Form fitting foam Instapak
Acrylic GPU bracing in Fractal Design Define 7
Acrylic GPU bracing in Fractal Design Define XL R2
Acrylic CPU cooler bracing


We’re excited to offer these shipping solutions! Nothing is more frustrating than having a brand new computer arrive with a huge dent in the side or a loose component, because of being poorly handled by a shipping courier. The packing techniques described here give us the flexibility to continue to offer you choices in configuring your computer, but with the added peace of mind and customer care that Puget Systems has aimed to deliver since day one.

We use all the tools available to us to protect each computer we build, but not all of them are compatible with every system and chassis. If you have questions about what safeguards will be used on your specific order you can ask your technology consultant. In general, though, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to make sure your computer is delivered safely – and if it does suffer damage in transit, our support staff is here to get it fixed promptly.