Intel RES2SV240 24-port SATA/SAS Controller Expander

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Intel RES2SV240 24-port SATA/SAS Controller Expander Main Picture

Intel RES2SV240 24-port SATA/SAS Controller Expander Picture 28962
This drive expander connects to a dedicated Intel or LSI RAID controller card and increases the number of drives that can connect to it. The connection is made via a SFF8087 cable, so the RAID card must have that type of connector rather than individual SATA ports.

It can be situated in a PCI-E x4 or larger slot, or optionally mounted elsewhere in some cases. If in a PCI-E slot it is powered via that connection; elsewhere it requires a 4-pin Molex power plug.

Model: Intel RES2SV240


  • LSI LSISAS2x24 SAS/SATA Expander to enable communications with 24-ports at 3 or 6Gb/s
  • Six SFF8087 SAS/SATA connectors for attaching up to 24 targets or initiators
  • Low profile, MD2 depth for use in low profile slots and motherboards with add-in card depth constraints
  • PCIe x4 connector with power pins to mount and power for a PCIe slot (if desired)
  • RA 4 pin power connector to power form a cable (if desired)
  • Mounting holes for attaching to a chassis or duct wall (if desired)
  • Six SAS cables with SFF8087 connectors at each end and designed