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HighPoint SSD7505 Gen4 M.2 Card


HighPoint SSD7505 Gen4 M.2 Card Picture 75271
The HighPoint SSD7505 is a software managed RAID controller for NVMe solid-state drives. It supports up to four M.2 drives at PCIe Gen4 speeds, in RAID mode 0, 1, or 10 - or simply as individual drives, to supplement the M.2 connectors on the motherboard. In order to provide sufficient bandwidth for all the drives, a full PCI-Express x16 slot is required for this card to plug into. It also has a heatsink and quiet fan to help keep the drives cool and performing well even under heavy load.
Model: Highpoint SSD7505

Card Specifications
Manufacturer  Highpoint
Port Location(s)  N/A
RAID Modes Supported  Single, 0, 1, 10
Maximum Supported Disks  4
Battery Backup Available?  No
Slot Style  PCI-Express x16
Form Factor  Full Height
Controller Chip
Brand  Highpoint
Model  7500 series
Height  112 mm (4.4 in)
Width  195 mm (7.7 in)
Depth  21 mm (0.8 in)
Net Weight  .60 kg (1.3 lbs)

Configure a custom computer with the HighPoint SSD7505 Gen4 M.2 Card.