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Crucial DDR4-2400 4GB ECC


Crucial DDR4-2400 4GB ECC Picture 41431

Background on Server-class Memory (ECC RAM)

ECC stands for Error Correction Code, and in the context of computer memory it indicates the ability to detect and correct minor errors. This dramatically increases the reliability of the memory system, which is highly desirable in environments where computers are performing critical functions. There is a small amount of overhead when using ECC memory, so performance takes a slight hit compared to non-ECC options - but the trade-off is well worth it for servers and some workstations.

Model: Crucial CT4G4WFS824A

Total Memory  4GB
Number of Modules  1
Memory per Module  4GB
Memory Type  DDR4 RDIMM
Speed Rating  PC4-19200
Actual Speed  2400 MHz
Latency  CL17
Voltage  1.2 Volts
ECC  Yes
Registered  No
Heat Spreader?  No

Configure a custom computer with the Crucial DDR4-2400 4GB ECC.