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3.5inch 1.44MB External USB Floppy Drive

Removable Drive

3.5inch 1.44MB External USB Floppy Drive Picture 15507
This is an external, USB-based floppy drive in case you need to use some old-style 3.5 inch floppy disks.
Jon Bach (President)
Jon Bach (President) Says:
Honestly I think we only continue to carry this drive because it is so amusing to think about. But we still occasionally find someone who needs them! If you need to read floppy disks, don't even think about a floppy drive inside your computer anymore. Go USB like this unit. Modern motherboards don't even come with a controller for internal floppy drives anymore!
Model: Syba SY-USB-FDD

Connects via USB.
USB-powered - no AC adapter required.

Configure a custom computer with the 3.5inch 1.44MB External USB Floppy Drive.