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Windows 8 Makeover: Emulate Windows 7

Software: Courtesy Install

Windows 8 Makeover: Emulate Windows 7 Picture 28633
Developer: Puget Systems

This courtesy software installation includes the installation of Classic Shell which includes a Start menu replacement and automatically makes the system to boot directly to the Desktop instead of the Start Screen on startup.

In addition to Classic shell, we also make Desktop programs the default over Windows 8 apps where possible. This includes setting Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Media Player as the default program instead of the Windows 8 Music, Photos and Video apps for all supported file types. Finally, we disable the charms bar (upper-right corner pop-up) which is unnecessary with the added functionality of the Classic Shell Start menu.

While neither the Classic Shell team nor Puget Systems charges for the installation and use of the Start menu replacement, we do encourage you to make a donation to the developers if you find Classic Shell useful. You can do so by clicking on the "Donate" button on the Classic Shell homepage.

with the Windows 8 Makeover: Emulate Windows 7.