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NVIDIA T1000 PCI-E 4GB Picture 69967NVIDIA T1000 PCI-E 4GB Picture 69968NVIDIA T1000 PCI-E 4GB Picture 69969NVIDIA T1000 PCI-E 4GB Picture 69970
The NVIDIA T1000 is a low-profile, professional-grade video card. It has mid-range 3D performance, and specializes in multi-display situations thanks to four separate outputs. That means you can drive up to four displays by using only one card slot and driver, or stack multiple T1000 cards in a system to expand that to eight or even more outputs. It is perfect for stock/day traders or any other professional users who need multiple monitor support without high-end 3D graphics performance.

As described above, this card has four Mini DisplayPort connections - and one adapter to full size DisplayPort is included as well. Additional adapters can be purchased separately, and adapters to HDMI are also available but may impact the maximum per-screen resolution.

Chipset Manufacturer  NVIDIA
Product Line  Quadro
Motherboard Connection  PCI Express 3.0 x16
Maximum Digital Resolution  7680x4320
Maximum DisplayPort Resolution  7680x4320
Maximum Monitors Supported  4
HDCP Compliant  Yes
Multi-GPU Technology  Not Available
GPU Specifications
Stream Processors  896
Memory Specifications
Video Memory  4GB
Memory Type  GDDR6
Memory Bus Width  128-bit
Bandwidth  160 GB/s
Single Precision Floating Point (Peak)  2.50 Tflops
Additional Information
Cooling System  Small Fan and Heatsink
Slot Width  1
Port 1  Mini DisplayPort
Port 2  Mini DisplayPort
Port 3  Mini DisplayPort
Port 4  Mini DisplayPort
Power Connectors
Plug 1  None
Net Weight  0.432 kg (1.0 lbs)

Configure a custom computer with the NVIDIA T1000 PCI-E 4GB.