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We know that when you email an online company, you don't know what to expect. Will they reply? How long will it take? Being part of the online community, we know the unfortunate reality: most businesses are not responsive to your emails or phone calls.

Puget Systems is not like other online companies.

(weekends and holidays excluded)

Puget Systems is different! We have a strong commitment to fast, personal communication. When you send us a message, you can count on a timely response.

Why do we want to make sure you know? We have two reasons. First, we want you to feel secure that the time you spend composing a message for us will get seen. You aren't wasting your time! Second, we know that with all the spam going around, your spam filter might catch a message of ours, or maybe we don't have your correct email address. We put a lot of time into providing good, thorough information to our customers, and it is a bummer for us when our emails don't get to you! Therefore, if you don't receive our timely reply, we want you to ask us about it. Never assume we didn't reply, because we do reply. Every time!

Phone / Fax

(425) 458-0273
Toll Free
(888) PUGET-PC (784-3872)
(425) 484-6208

Mailing Address

2707 West Valley Highway N
Auburn, WA 98001

Sales Hours: M-F, 7am - 5pm PST

Tech Support Hours: M-F, 7am - 5pm PST

Please call and schedule an appointment if you'd like to drop by our Auburn offices, just a short drive from Seattle!

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