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  1. What problem are you experiencing?
       My computer will not turn on
  2. When you hit the power button, what happens?
       Nothing happens at all.

We will check your motherboard for a green light, to confirm it is receiving power.

We need to verify that your computer is getting power. To do this, we're going to remove your side panel, and take a look at the power indicator light inside. When looking at the front of your computer, we're going to remove the panel that is on the left hand side. To do this, unfasten the screws on the back of that panel, and slide the panel off. Inside, you should see a motherboard indicator light that's lit up and bright green. The light is pointed out in the picture above, but keep in mind that the exact location of the light differs from computer to computer. If you don't see this light, then your system is not receiving power correctly.

Is there a green light on the motherboard?

Request Personal Support

Request technical support from a Puget Systems representative, prepopulated with information we have already learned using steps you have performed in this troubleshooter.