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  1. What problem are you experiencing?
       My computer's clock has been losing time.
  2. Does your clock reset to the exact same time/date? (typically this is a few months or years out of date)
       Yes always the same date/time

The CMOS battery is most likely depleted and will need replaced.

Replace the CMOS battery with a standard 2032 battery. You can find them in most electronic stores for about $5. Then you will want to reload your BIOS information to the default settings.

You can follow the steps in the video but instead of reseating the CMOS battery you will be replacing it with a new one.

Most desktops and will have a very similar procedure to this. The BIOS steps will vary per motherboard model but will be very similar. In a laptop the CMOS battery will most likely be under your back panels. If it is not you probably want to ask for help as removing the keyboard can be tricky. If this is not a Puget Systems PC just make sure to know what bios settings you need to have set. Mainly boot order, SATA mode, and any other custom settings.

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