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Asus Trusted Platform 13 pin (14-1) Module (TPM-M R2.0)


Asus Trusted Platform 13 pin (14-1) Module (TPM-M R2.0) Picture 40934
This module adds TPM capabilities to compatible Asus motherboards. It is necessary for normal operation of Bitlocker, along with select other encryption and security-related software.

Note: A TPM module is needed to enable Microsoft Bitlocker drive encryption, which is supported by Windows 10 Pro.

Model: Asus TPM-M R2.0


For ASUS motherboards using a 14-1 pin header.

The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a security device on the system board that will hold computer-generated keys for encryption. It is a hardware-based solution that helps to avoid attacks by hackers looking to capture passwords and encryption keys.

Any Asus motherboard with a TPM header can utilize this module, but the CPU needs to support Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT)

Configure a custom computer with the Asus Trusted Platform 13 pin (14-1) Module (TPM-M R2.0).