Intel Core i5 6600K 3.5GHz Quad Core 6MB 95W


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Background on Intel Core i3/i5/i7 (6th Gen / Skylake) CPU

Intel's sixth generation of the Core processor series is codenamed Skylake, and introduces DDR4 to Intel's mainstream platform. There is also a very slight boost to performance on the CPU side, and a more substantial boost on the integrated graphics side. Skylake hasinherited the 14nm manufacturing process that was introduced with Broadwell, meaning lower power consumption and higher efficiency compared to previous generations - resulting in slightly lower operating temperatures as well.

For more details, check out our Skylake articles on CPU updates and chipset updates.

Richard Falk (Customer Support)
Richard Falk (Customer Support) Says:
The Intel core i3/i5/i7 6xxx series CPUs are great if you want solid CPU performance. The Intel chips cost more than the AMD chips but the CPU performance is far better. The integrated graphics have been improved greatly over the previous series. They are good enough for minimal graphics performance that is needed on the desktop and videos and can even play Sims 3 or War Thunder smoothly on low graphics settings.

Intel processors ending in "K", like this one, have unlocked CPU clock multipliers. That means they are especially well suited for overclocking, as normal processors have the clock speeds much more locked-down.
Jeff Stubbers (Mr. Customer Service)
Jeff Stubbers (Mr. Customer Service) Says:
This is the Core i5 processor to choose if you plan to overclock for higher performance as it has the "K" suffix indicating it is unlocked for overclocking. Just be sure to choose a liquid cooled CPU cooler for adequate cooling when overclocking.
Model: Intel BX80662I56600K

Product Line  Core i5
Code Name  Skylake-S
Socket  1151
Process  14 nm
Number of Cores  4
Clock Speed  3.5 GHz
Hyperthreading  No
Turbo Boost  Yes
Max. Turbo Boost  3.9 GHz
Bus Type  DMI3
Thermal Output  95 W
PCI-E Lanes  16
Smart Cache  6MB
Onboard Graphics
Processor Type  Intel HD Graphics 530
Core Speed  1150 Mhz
DirectX Version  12
# of Displays Supported  3
Memory Specification
Memory Type  DDR4
Maximum Frequency  2133
ECC Support  No
Advanced Technologies
vPro  No
Virtualization Technology (VT-x)  Yes
Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d)  Yes
Trusted Execution Technology  No

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