Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SATA3 2.5inch SSD

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Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SATA3 2.5inch SSD Main Picture

Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SATA3 2.5inch SSD Picture 30139Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SATA3 2.5inch SSD Picture 30136Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SATA3 2.5inch SSD Picture 30137Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SATA3 2.5inch SSD Picture 30138Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SATA3 2.5inch SSD Picture 30134Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SATA3 2.5inch SSD Picture 30135
Samsung's line of solid-state drives are among the fastest SSDs on the market. The 850 Pro series improves upon the well respected 840 Pro with higher speeds and a doubled warranty length of 10 years (or 150TB of writes). It uses the industry standard SATA 6Gbps interface and supports 256-bit AES drive-level encryption. This specific 512GB capacity model reaches up to 550MB per second for reads and 520MB per second for writes, and in excess of 90k IOPS.

Perfect for notebooks, SSDs are ideal for energy-efficient mobile computing to extend battery life, increase access time, and provide a durable alternative to conventional hard disc drives with superior shock resistance. High capacities and low power consuming NAND flash technology provide the necessary performance and battery life boosts generated by the proliferation of mobile gaming and new ultra-thin laptops. With fast access and seek times combined with excellent reliability, SSDs are the answer for consumers demanding this latest storage technology.
Jon Bach (President)
Jon Bach (President) Says:
The performance on this drive is great, and 10 year warranty is downright amazing. We have a long history with Samsung SSD, and they are the most reliable and consistently best performing drives we've ever worked with.
Jeff Stubbers (Tier 3 Consulting Lead)
Jeff Stubbers (Tier 3 Consulting Lead) Says:
I recommend this drive as a great Primary drive to go with. This is a very fast drive, has a lower failure rate than mechanical drives, and comes with a 10-year or 300 TBW (Total Bytes Written) parts warranty from Samsung.

Model: Samsung MZ-7KE512BW


Capacity 512 GB
Interface SATA 6 Gb/s
Form Factor 2.5 Inch
Idle Noise 0 dB
Seek Noise 0 dB
Command Queueing NCQ
Endurance (TBW) 300 TBW
Sequential Read (Peak) Up to 550 MB/s
Sequential Write (Peak) Up to 520 MB/s
Random 4KB Read Up to 100,000 IOPS
Random 4KB Write Up to 90,000 IOPS


  • Ultimate Read/Write Performance
    Samsung's 850 PRO, the world's first 32 layer 3D V-NAND, provides up to 100K IOPS Random Read Speed and 470 MB/s Sequential Write speed and the option of enabling Samsung RAPID mode, which can kick up to even higher speeds. With up to 2x the speed and density of conventional 2D flash, you get the most speed available for gaming and real world performance
  • Enhanced Endurance and Reliability
    With an industry-leading 10 year, 150 TBW warranty, the 850 PRO offers unbeatable reliability. When combined with the 850 PRO's 256-bit AES Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) security technology, you can rely on your files being secure and available whenever you need them.
  • Efficient Power Management
    Featuring a 4th generation MEX Controller, the 850 PRO offers one of the most energy-efficient drives on the market, using up to 50% less power than traditional hard drives. It has the lowest active write power consumption and supports device sleep mode, which lowers power consumption to under 2mW.